We carry fine instruments and bows for collectors as well as musicians, with particular emphasis on bows. This collection even includes a bow featured in The Strad magazine, made by J. Tubbs and the playing bow of the German "Paganini" Wilhemij.

Quartets of bows are available in addition to individual instruments and bows.

Please contact us directly for additional information about investment-grade instruments and bows.

An Example from our Collection:

Instrument Quartet:
Maker: Istvan Konya
Instruments: 2 Violins, Viola, Cello

These are a commissioned quartet of fine instruments by Istvan Konya (1919-2001). Istvan Konya, who was the father of Stefano (Sn) and Lajos, also respected modern makers, was a self taught maker (first violin at the age of 14) who impressed violin virtuosi Yehudi Menuhin and David Oistrakh with the quality of his instruments. With strong influence from Menhuin, Konya - at the age of 44 - received an Italian scholarship to study at the Cremona School of Violin Making. In his diploma year (1968) Konya won the Gold Medal and first prize for Cello (may be seen in the Cremona Museum) in the prestigious Triennale Competition. Istvan Konya was featured in the August 1994 issue of The Strad magazine with an article on the Konya family.