Rent or Buy

The decision to Rent or Buy your instrument is one that applies to adult learners for full size instruments or younger students with years of growth ahead of them. Whether you are a new student or returning to study after an absence, several factors favor rental over instrument ownership.


Regh Rentals provides the top quality rental instruments on the market. We carry instruments in all sizes. We are very discerning about our instruments since the quality of an instrument significantly impacts a student’s playing experience. As your child grows it is simple to exchange for a new size, with the same consistent quality.


For new students, renting limits the start up costs and financial risks of getting started. You pay a low monthly fee and have access to a high quality instrument to learn on. If you are not sure that playing an instrument will be a long term interest, renting may be the right decision.

By renting with Regh Violins you build up credit toward the purchase of an instrument so renting becomes an investment. Recognizing that your initial decision to rent may lead to a later decision to purchase, we have a Rental Credit policy where Credit may be applied towards 50% of the purchase price of any instrument or outfit (instrument, bow, case) from Regh Violins. Credit accrues at 100% for the first two years of rental, and 20% in year three. Payments received after year three do not apply to Rental Credit. If you decide to purchase an instrument, our trade-in policy allows you to upgrade instruments without a depreciation penalty as the applicable instrument’s purchase price is applied to future purchases when it is traded-in.


Regh Rentals rents directly with you but also works closely with many school districts to make instrument pick-up and exchanges easier. Contact us to see if we already work with your school. We are also an excellent choice for home schooled families or those without a high-quality local instrument shop and can be reached through the contact information available on this site

You can choose to rent for shorter or extended periods of time. Whether you want a semester, a school year, a summer, or an annual structure, we have contract options to fit your needs. Longer term arrangements are structured with a larger discount rate to encourage year round practice/play– which is best for skill development and retention.

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