About Regh Rentals

Regh Rentals is committed to providing players of all ages with high quality rental instruments in sizes that are right for them, at affordable prices. Our stringed instruments and bows are available in all sizes for young beginners to advanced players.

Students’ earliest playing experiences should be on quality instruments so they will enjoy themselves and develop a rewarding life-long interest in music. Music is widely recognized as benefiting the development of children: it teaches students to focus, to develop new skills, to work cooperatively with others, and to develop a love of music – lifting both spirits and abilities. Historically speaking, it wasn’t very long ago that children’s size instruments were a bit of a rarity. As school programs became a standard for many communities, demand increased and was met through mass produced instruments. Many young players suffered the frustration of playing poorly made instruments.

We provide the highest quality rental instruments available. Regh Rental stringed instruments are hand-made using traditional methods by skilled craftspeople using high quality materials. To ensure playability, we hand select each instrument and complete a thorough setup process (e.g., shaping the bridge, adjusting the soundpost or fittings, etc.) to ensure the instrument sounds its best.

Our rental bows are also carefully selected. We provide contemporary bows that achieve age-old standards of weight, strength, and suppleness. Student bows are available in wood and in modern materials. As with our instruments, each new or traditional bow is available in all sizes and meets the highest rental standards in the industry.

Through Regh Violins, instruments and bows are also available for purchase by students and professionals. Our Rental/Purchase program makes sure that you get the most from your rental experience if you decide to purchase an instrument.

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