The Peg Ringer

The Peg Ringer is a new tool that repairs one of the most difficult breaks in a violin. A peg hole break, most often seen on A-pegs in a violin, usually requires significant wood replacement to obtain a reliable repair.

The Peg Ringer consists of a steel shaft, a circular saw and two centering sleeves to allow milling the groove concentric to the peg hole. An initial set of brass rings is included. All parts are made from hardened tool steel.

Replacement parts are also available for sale individually, as wear and tear require.

It has multiple uses:

  • Repair of peg hole cracks from inside the cheek. No wood needs to be replaced.
  • Preventing peg hole cracks in existing violins. The ring can be exposed or hidden.
  • Adding rings to new instruments to prevent future cracks. Rings can be inserted around any peg. Sizes available for all instruments having pegs
  • Inserting rings on both faces of the lower block to prevent splitting from button or endpin stress. The larger cello cutter is used for this application.
  • Re-attachement of torn back tabs as a substitute for “bathtub” patches.

How To Use

  1. Clean and glue crack and clamp firmly.
  2. Insert the Peg Ringer assembly inside the peg box
  3. Compress the centering sleeves on both sides of the shaft.
  4. Turn the shaft with an electric drill to mill a 2 millimeter deep groove on the inside of the peg cheek, concentric to the broken peg hole.
  5. Remove the Peg Ringer assembly
  6. Insert a metal ring into the groove. (Brass rings are supplied with the Peg Ringer)
  7. Glue ring in place with a hard, permanent glue. Epoxy, Cyano acrilate and water-proof wood glues have been used.
  8. Use a wood filler to fill the groove level with the cheek and touch-up to blend with the background. Touch-up the outside crack area.

Price List

The Peg Ringer for violin/viola
250 USD
Cello cutter (15mm OD)
60 USD
Brass rings - violin/viola
Brass rings - cello
5.50 USD
Deluxe set (All tools in a wooden box)
390 USD

Ordering Info

Send Payment in USD to:
The PEG Ringer
36 Sherwood Heights
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 USA

We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover Card in addition to check or money order drawn on a US Bank.

Additional Photos

The assembled tool
The assembled tool

The assembled tool
The disassembled tool

A cracked peg box
A cracked peg box

The Peg Ringer ready to cut
The Peg Ringer ready to cut

Grooves milled around two peg holes
Grooves milled around two peg holes

A ringed end block
A ringed end block

The Cutting Head
The Cutting Head

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