Regh Violins carries both fine old as well as top quality contemporary instruments. We sell instruments with the characteristics sought by players, including tonal quality, beauty, and workmanship. As a maker, dealer, and collector, Joseph Regh is very discerning about the quality of all instruments and bows available at Regh Violins. High quality standards lead to customer satisfaction. Every instrument is assessed and setup to enable eminent playability, allowing their inherent quality to shine.

Maker Length Year Price       
Konya Istvan16.75 in.   1977  $8,500 USD    
Konya Istvan16 in.   1973  $8,500 USD    
Jonathan Vacanti16 in.   1998  $5,500 USD    
Eastman Strings16 in.   2005  $2,900 USD    
Eastman (modified)15 in.     $2,500 USD    
German16.5 in.   1966  $1,750 USD    
Eastman, Pietro Lombardi16 in.     $1,725 USD    
Josef Guarnerius model16.25 in.     $1,500 USD    
Eastman Strings15.5 in.     $1,200 USD    
German School15 in.     $800 USD